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rules and regulation & form for professional tax ahmedabad

    Applicability :-


    All registered partnership firms, all factory owners, all shops or establishment owners (if the shop has employed on an average five employees per day during the year), all businesses covered under the definition of ?dealer? defined in the Gujarat Value Added Tax Act, 2003 whose annual turnover is more than Rs. 2.50 lakhs, all transport permit holders, money lenders, petrol pump owners, all limited companies, all banks, all district or state level co-operative societies, estate agents, brokers, building contractors, video parlors, video libraries, members of associations registered under Forward Contract Act, members of stock exchange, other professionals, like legal consultants, solicitors, doctors, insurance agents, etc. for more details please refer below mentioned FAQ's. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Professional Tax Form



    Due date for employer's professional tax (RC) is 15th of every month for those having more than 20 employees and 15th of every quarter for those having less than 20 employees and Due date for payment of professional tax (EC) annually is 30th September of every financial year. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Professional Tax Form


    Slab for payment of professional tax of employees:-


    0 to 2999 - 0/-

    3000 to 5999 - 20/-

    6000 to 8999 - 80/-

    9000 to 12000 - 150/-

    12000 & above - 200/-


    Professional Tax FAQ English (Form no. 3)

    Professional Tax FAQ Gujarati (Form no. 3)

    Profession Tax - Salaried Employees 2008

    Rates for Professionals

    Rates for Employees


    Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Professional Tax Forms


    1. Form No. 3 for Employer Registration

    2. Form No. 1 for Employee Registration

    3. Form No. 5 for payment of employees professional Tax

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